Silk is the fine strong soft lustrous fiber produced by silkworms. The word silk sounds luxury and class. Silk is the queen of textile and the naturally produced animal fiber. Till today, no other fabric can match it in luster and elegance. As long as human desire for silk garments continues, the demand for sericulture activity remains. “Sericulture” means cultivation of silkworms, which finally produces silk.


Andhra Pradesh will achieve self sufficiency to
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Historical evidence shows that silk was discovered
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Mulberry is a vegetative propagated
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Latest Average Prices of Reeling Cocoons in Cocoon Markets of A.P. & Karnataka are available on Mobile phones. For CB Cocoon Rates type seri cb and send SMS to 9704742555, for BV cocoon rates type seri bv and send SMS to 9704742555. ......!   (Market name abbreviations hdp –Hindupur, dmm-Dharmavaram, kdr-Kadiri, mpl-Madanapalli, plmr-Palamaner, kpm-Kuppam, hyd-Hyderabad, hjm-Hanumanjunction, rmnr-Ramanagaram, sid-Siddalaghatta, chn-Chintamani, blr-Bangalore)